tasty tuesday: tandoori chicken, saffron and garam masala rice pilaf, curry lentils and mushrooms

Tastes so much lighter at home.

Tastes so much lighter at home.

A little Indian flair never hurt anyone, right? I sure hope not, because tonight’s meal was quite delicious and light. You’ll notice that the Tandoori chicken pictured is not red because I didn’t use any red food color. Turns out, a lot of restaurants use food color to make tandoori chicken bright red.  Fascinating, no?

I stayed pretty close to Emeril’s recipe for Tandoori Chicken, using all the spices, adding some black pepper and using greek yogurt. Processing everything in the Ninja was a lot of fun.

For the Rice Pilaf, I stuck close to Alton Brown’s recipe, but used shallot and garlic at the start in the butter. Brown basmati rice replaced the long grain white and garam masala (about a teaspoon) was added along with the saffron. No orange zest, but instead thai basil. Turned out well.

The lentils were a little different creation. I started them out like rice pilaf, melting soon butter and glazing the lentils in the butter with curry powder and turmeric before adding 1 cup chicken stock and two cups water. They boiled about an hour before I added the mushrooms which were sauteed in olive oil, curry powder, garlic, and turmeric.

Put it all together and you have one tasty, involved meal!


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