lunchbox life: grown-up lunchables, continental style


I think I’ve had about three Lunchables in my entire life.

I can remember going to the grocery store with my mom as a child and begging for Lunchables for my packed school lunches.

“No,” she’d say.  “Those are packed with sodium and are not good for you.”

Then she’d pack me what was (in retrospect) a stellar lunch: different variations of sandwiches on whole wheat bread, yogurt, fruit, veggies, crackers, and usually a sweet note like “Good luck on your vocab quiz!” or “I love you!  Happy Friday!”

…and to think I wanted a Lunchable.

As my tastes changed through the years, though, I found a good compromise between my lunches of yesteryear and the preservative-packed cheese-and-cracker Lunchable combination.  Do you remember the first time you had cheese and charcuterie plate?  I don’t remember mine, but I do know that there are few things I like better in this world than sharing a plate of delectable cheeses, olives, cured meat, and fruit with good wine and even better friends.  I’ve done a twist on this (sans wine–I don’t think this would go over well during the work day) in the style of an old-school lunchable, and I think even my mom would approve.

I don’t have much of a recipe here, but I’ve included:


sopressata salami



almond crackers

red grapes

and, because every Lunchable has a dessert, a small piece of 88% dark chocolate.

Bon appetit!  I’ll enjoy my European continental lunchables all week!

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