lunchbox life: shrimp antipasto salad


Let me start with this: I’ve only packed two lunches for the week.  I have tomorrow off for Veterans Day, and I’ll be in Atlanta for meetings on Thursday and Friday.  I wouldn’t recommend packing five lunches with shrimp, but since I only had to pack two, I jumped at the chance to incorporate seafood into my lunch routine!

This is so very simple: for two days worth of lunches, buy 1/3 lb. cooked shrimp, then hit up the olive bar at Fresh Market.  I picked an assortment of antipasto goodies, including artichoke hearts, olives, roasted garlic, and mini mozzarella.  When you get home, chop all ingredients up into small, 1/2-inch pieces.  Toss with remaining oil/marinade in the container.  Pack separately from your greens, then when it’s time for lunch, toss the greens with the shrimp salad and enjoy.  I also packed a honeycrisp apple with each lunch.  Enjoy!

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