lunchbox life: turkey, spinach, and guacamole wraps

image1Happy Sunday, everyone! Last night, Alex and I hosted our third annual Friendsgiving at our house. Friendsgiving is simple: Alex makes two turkeys, I set up the drinks, and everyone else brings appetizers, sides, and desserts. It’s a Thanksgiving-themed potluck with lots of holiday cheer. One of my favorite elements of Friendsgiving is watching different groups of our friends who don’t yet know each other mingle and become friends. After toasts, recipe swapping, and gabfests, everyone went home and took their dishes with them (another perk). We, however, were left with some leftover turkey, so I’m faced with the perennial Thanksgiving challenge: what do I do with all of this leftover turkey? I’ve made several soups lately, so I thought I’d try something different. This lunch took about 3 minutes to prepare–that might be a record!

This week, I’m relying on some store-bought standbys. The single-serving Wholly Guacamole packs are great because you can enjoy your guacamole fresh each day. I still prefer homemade guac, but this stuff is great as a spread for a sandwich. I’m also using La Torilla Factory high fiber low carb wheat tortillas. At 70 calories each, they are full of great nutrition and, when zapped in the microwave for a few seconds, become very pliable for wraps and burritos. Buy some baby spinach and you’re ready to turn your leftover turkey into a yummy wrap!

My plan this week is to heat the tortilla and turkey separately in the microwave, then spread the guacamole on the tortilla, add the spinach, wrap it up and devour. I’m also packing an apple this week to round out my lunches.

Sometimes you don’t need a recipe for lunch–just take a protein (turkey), fat (avocado/guac), and veggie (spinach) and wrap it up!

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