About the Blog

We live in a bungalow filled with culinary adventures.

In an attempt to take the “manic” and “mundane” out of Mondays, wehopped on the Meatless Monday bandwagon.  It’s all over Pinterest; I’m sure you’ve seen the movement.

Each week, we take turns cooking.  If Eleta has Monday, Alex has Tuesday, and then the next week he’ll take Monday, and she’ll take Tuesday.

We make a brand new meal for dinner on Tuesdays–we call it Tasty Tuesday.  This dish can be from a recipe or an original concoction, but the only rule is that it cannot have been created before by either of us.

A word on Meatless Monday and Tasty Tuesday–most of the time they’re pretty darn great, but once in a while, the execution of the food doesn’t always fit the vision.

Eleta works as a high school teacher, so she’s somewhat bound by the chains of my lunchbox when it comes to weekday midday meals.  In January 2013, she started chronicling my no-heat lunches via Instagram.  When the blog began in April 2013, she started sharing them here, too.

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