tasty tuesday: “ricky saltado” steak tacos with french fries and a mango salsa

Fries in a Taco

Tonight’s meal is a recreation of one of my favorites from Cali and Tito’s in Athens, GA- Ricky Saltado. A specialty of the Peruvian restaurant, Ricky Saltado is a fajita dish with steak, onions, and salty french fries. Served with tortillas, it is a wonder of flavors and textures. For some reason this dish popped into my head and I just had to make a version of my own.

Ricky Saltado

1 2 lb flat iron steak, tenderized
7 cloves garlic
1/2 jalapeno
Juice of one lime
Salt and Pepper
2 idaho potatoes, cut into fries
Bowl of water
Container of Canola Oil
1 whole sweet onion, frenched
1 bunch each, cilantro and parsley, finely chopped
2 tbsp butter
Grilled corn tortillas

In order to get the most of this dish, you have to start the night before with the marination. Tenderize the steak with a mallet and both sides. In a food processor, pulse the garlic, jalapeno, an line until fine. Smear over the tenderized steak and place in a freezer bag. Refrigerate until ready to cook. To cook, heat a grill pan to medium high and cook about 4 minutes per side. The steak should still be quite rare. Slice thin.

In a separate pan, melt butter and saute onions until soft. Add the cilantro and parsley and cook for about 1 minute. Add the steak to pan and toss. turn heat to low for about five minute. Toss in fries and transfer to tortillas.

Oh yeah, the fries!

~~A short lesson in fries… hand cut fries should be fried twice. First to cook the potatoes, then to crisp the potatoes. It is vital to get good color and crunch.

In order to get uniform cuts I recommend a mandoline slicer with fry setting. Soak the potatoes in ice cold water for about 30 minutes. Drain and dry before cooking

Heat the oil in a deep pot, preferably a dutch oven or electric fryer. Add the potatoes and fry about 3-4 minutes, until the potatoes are cooked through, but are still white. Remove and drain and allow to completely cool.


I've always relied on the friedness of potatoes.

I’ve always relied on the friedness of potatoes.

When ready to get the fries, re-heat the oil and cook the fries about 1-2 minutes until brown and crispy. Salt while still hot to ensure it sticks.


Enjoy. ~~

When plating the tacos, add queso fresco a little lettuce and lime. MmmMmm.

Mango Salsa

1 large mango
2 medium tomatoes
1/2 Jalapeno
Juice of one line
Salt and pepper

Pulse all ingredients in food processor until course and blended. Refrigerate at least 2 hours before serving with chips.

Plate the meal with some beans and gobble it up!

Salt Plate

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